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We are extremely grateful for all financial support we receive from companies. Some give a one off financial donation, others match their employees’ fundraising and others commit to partner with us for a longer time.
Working with CDKL5 UK can benefit your company and your employees, from creating team building opportunities to helping you organise your own fundraising events. However you choose to support us you will be helping support our life changing research.

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Some of our Supporters



Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is committed to improving the lives of patients suffering from drug-resistant seizures and neuropsychiatric disorders through the development of a new and safe drug candidate, ganaxolone, which offers an alternative treatment option for acute and chronic illnesses.

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Relentless in our mission to positively impact the rare disease community, we seek to include individuals and their families in every aspect of what we do. And that’s because at Ovid, we believe that having a deep and true understanding of what it’s like to live with a rare neurological disease is key to addressing significant unmet needs.

Here, the patient community is our community.  Each relationship we foster brings us closer and closer to making meaningful medicines readily available to those who may benefit.

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We are a global biotechnology company at the forefront of advancing therapies for a range of rare and devastating diseases and our excellent team has a very big and a very bold vision.